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Dear Wildcats,

For weeks, we have been waiting on the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to offer us some guidance on the plan to return to school in the fall.  Unfortunately, they are not prepared to release this information at this time.

However, TEA has informed us that as a parent, you can choose to enroll for in-person instruction or online instruction (different from what was provided in the spring).

The most important decision a parent will make is choosing the right education opportunity for their child.  We understand during this historic pandemic, the tough decision that you will make as a parent.  As we await the guidelines from the Texas Education Agency about health protocols, rest assured we will use these guidelines along with the CDC and our local health agencies’ recommendations to provide the safest environment for our staff and students.

To assist in making plans for reopening, we are asking parents to provide input.  A survey will be posted on our website starting on July 1, 2020.  Responses will help PISD with planning and decision making for reopening.  No one will be tied to their decision.  For planning purposes, we will need to have an idea of what to expect for the first day of instruction.

In–Person Instruction:

Paris ISD hopes to return to in-person instruction on August 19, 2020.  As you know, things are changing rapidly.  Should in-person instruction be closed by order of the Texas governor, your child will be able to learn online. 

Again, the safety of your child is top priority and all of our decisions will be based on a safety plan that provides the best environment for our students, staff, and community.  Once we receive TEA’s guidelines in the upcoming weeks, we plan to incorporate those into our current safety plan.

Online Instruction:

For students or parents who prefer for instruction to be in the online environment, that option will be available.  For those who choose online instruction, a computer and internet service is required.  The online learning option will contain a rigorous curriculum, daily attendance will be taken, and the grading procedures will be the same as in-person instruction for all of their courses.


Here is the link to the survey  It can also be found on our district website.  You will be asked to select your preference for the coming year.

We will honor and respect whichever path you choose for your child.  We are here to help.  Now more than ever it is critical that schools and homes work together to benefit our students.  When we work as a team, your child’s educational needs will reach their full potential.  We look forward to navigating these unchartered waters together.

Paul Jones, Superintendent

Althea Dixon, Assistant Superintendent

Gary Preston, Assistant Superintendent   


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New Student Enrollment now online

Enroll Here

Grades K-12 only

For information on Pre-K registration, please visit

Deadline to file for P-EBT has been extended to July 31, 2020

The online application for P-EBT is now open.
Please review the criteria to see if you need to apply to receive these benefits. The application link is provided below.

Do I need to apply for P-EBT?

Families that DID NOT get SNAP benefits for the month of March 2020

  • Yes, you will need to apply.
  • Fill out an application here:
  • The application is open until July 31, 2020.
  • If you do not currently get SNAP benefits and your child is approved for P-EBT, you will be mailed a P-EBT card loaded with benefits.

Families that DID get SNAP benefits for the month of March 2020

  • You do not need to apply for children ages 5-18. Benefits were loaded onto your existing SNAP card by May 22.
  • If you have children under 5 and/or between the ages of 19 and 21, you will need to fill out an application for those children. Fill out an application here:
  • If you get SNAP benefits and your child is approved for P-EBT, we will put funds on your current Lone Star Card.

If you need help filling out the P-EBT application, please contact 833-613-6220. For more information, please visit or call 833-613-6220.

Click here for How to Apply for P-EBT flyer.

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At-Home Learning

Click image above for information on At-Home Learning


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