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Student Nutrition Information

For information pertaining to Paris ISD's Student Nutrition Department, contact:

Lori McEntyre, Director of Student Nutrition
Phone: (903)737-7589
FAX: (903)737-7533

Amended Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value Policy (Q & A)

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Amended FMNV Policy Questions and Answers:                                     8/11/03

  1. Do vending machines have to be relocated or removed from the school? No, the policy does not address vending machines or other methods of service and does not require that schools remove or relocate vending machines. If vending machines are located in an area that is accessible to students they may be re-stocked with more nutritious items, such as water, juice or sports drinks that are not prohibited by the policy. ¿
  2. May students bring prohibited FMNV from home? This policy does not address a student bringing such items to school as long as the student is not selling, or providing the items to other students. However, the school is encouraged to prohibit this by local policy.
  3. Does this policy cover sales or give away by teachers, school organizations or other individuals? Yes, in elementary schools the policy prohibits the sale or give away of prohibited food and beverages by anyone or any organization, anywhere on school premises during the school day. Middle school campuses may not serve or provide access to FMNV anywhere on school premises during meal periods.
  4. If meals are prepared for student field trips, may FMNV be provided on the bus? No, during a field trip the bus becomes an extension of the school and FMNV may not be made available. 
  5. Does this policy include sports drinks, tea, or other similar beverages? No, the policy only covers prohibited carbonated beverages. Sports drinks, bottled waters, and tea are not carbonated and therefore not covered by the policy. 
  6. What would be the restriction in a K-12 school? Access to FMNVs for students in grades K-6 would have to be prohibited all times anywhere on schools premises. Access to FMNVs for students in grades 6-8 would have to be prohibited during meal periods anywhere on school premises. The school should have a written policy and all students must be informed of the policy. 
  7. What would be the restriction in a 7-9th grade school? The FMNV policy for middle school would apply to this campus (7-9th grade) since the most of the students are in the 7-8 grade range. Therefore the students may not have access to FMNVs anywhere on campus during meal periods. 
  8. May soft drink machines be available for student use on certain days of the week, or certain times of the day, at teacher discretion, for reward purposes WITH PARENTAL PERMISSION? No, parental permission or teacher discretion does not relieve the school from compliance with the FMNV policy. 
  9. May the school nurse give out cough drops to individual students? Yes, if the school nurse determines that cough drops are necessary on a case by case basis. 
  10. What is the definition of "school day"? The school day would be from the start of the first breakfast period until the end of the last class period of the day (last bell). School activities, athletic functions, etc. that occur after the normal school day are not covered by the amended FMNV policy.



Lunch Money Now

Lunch Money Now is a program that will permit parents to access their student’s cafeteria account via the Internet. This access will provide the parent with the ability to do several things including checking the student’s balance, viewing the students purchase history, and making deposits to the child’s lunch money account using a credit card. Parents are also able to subscribe for email warnings when their child's account dips below a specified threshold reminding the parent that their child's balance needs attention.

The credit card deposits are made using a secure transaction site and are typically available within 30 minutes of the transaction during the regular school day. You can make deposits to multiple accounts with the same credit card transaction.

The access to your student’s account is also secure requiring several items of student identification to view balances, view purchase history and make deposits via the Internet.

You may access additional information and step by step instructions on how to use all the features of Lunch Money Now by following the link below on this web site.

We are confident that you will find this an efficient and convenient service to you and your children. We are always looking for better ways to serve you.


If you have any questions please contact the Paris ISD Student Nutrition Services office Monday - Friday from 7:30 a.m. 4:00 p.m. at 903-737-7589.

Click the image below to access Lunch Money Now.



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