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Campus Directory

Paris ISD Campuses
Landscape View facing Lamar County Head Start

Head Start

Lamar County Head Start

1350 NE 6th Street

Phone: 903-737-7469
Fax: 903-737-7514

Landscape View facing Givens Early Childhood Center


Givens Early Childhood Center

655 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

Phone: 903-737-7466
Fax: 903-737-7531

Landscape View facing Aikin Elementary School

K - 4th

Aikin Elementary School

3100 Pine Mill Road

Phone: 903-737-7443
Fax: 903-737-7517

Landscape View facing Justiss Elementary School

K - 4th

Justiss Elementary School

401 NW 18th Street

Phone: 903-737-7458
Fax: 903-737-7530

Landscape View facing Crockett Intermediate School

5th - 6th

Crockett Intermediate School

655 South Collegiate

Phone: 903-737-7450
Fax: 903-737-7526

Landscape View facing Paris Junior High School

7th - 8th

Paris Junior High School

2400 Jefferson Road

Phone: 903-737-7434
Fax: 903-737-7534

Landscape View facing Paris High School

9th - 12th

Paris High School

2255 South Collegiate Drive

Phone: 903-737-7400
Fax: 903-737-7515

Landscape View facing Travis High School of Choice

9th - 12th

Travis High School of Choice

3270 Graham Street

Phone: 903-737-7560
Fax: 903-737-7574