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Bruce, Sally
Dyslexia Teacher
sally.bruce@parisisd.netAikin Elementary School View Website
Brumlely, Phyllis
PAWS Assistant
phyllis.brumley@parisisd.netGivens Early Childhood Center
Burgess, Shaunda
2nd Grade Teacher
shaunda.burgess@parisisd.netAikin Elementary School View Website
Burns, Annette
Teacher Assistant
annette.burns@parisisd.netGivens Early Childhood Center
Burns, Melanie
Counselor's Secretary
melanie.burns@parisisd.netParis Junior High School
Burpo, Megan
Math Teacher
megan.burpo@parisisd.netCrockett Intermediate School View Website
Burrows, Amy
English/Theatre Arts Teacher / UIL Coordinator
amy.burrows@parisisd.netParis High School View Website
Callaway, Paige
3rd Grade Teacher
paige.callaway@parisisd.netAikin Elementary School View Website
Callihan, Kristi
Assistant Principal
kristi.callihan@parisisd.netParis Junior High School
Calvin, Angela
Math Teacher
angela.calvin@parisisd.netParis High School View Website
Campbell, Lisa
lisa.campbell@parisisd.netJustiss Elementary School
Cantera, Beatriz
Nurse Assistant
beatriz.cantera@parisisd.netLamar County Head Start
Cantrell, Katelynn
Speech Pathologist
katelyn.cantrell@parisisd.netAikin Elementary School View Website
Carter, Melanie
Pre-K Teacher
melanie.carter@parisisd.netLamar County Head Start View Website
Cass, Cindy
cindy.cass@parisisd.netGivens Early Childhood Center
Cass, Shannon
6th Grade Math
Shannon.cass@parisisd.netCrockett Intermediate School View Website
Castlebury, Sharon
Bookkeeping/Compliance Officer
sharon.castlebury@parisisd.netParis ISD
Chadwick, Angela
CTE & Secondary Ed Director
angela.chadwick@parisisd.netParis High School
Chapman, Jamie
jamie.chapman@parisisd.netAikin Elementary School View Website
Chappell, Grant
Science Teacher / Coach
grant.chappell@parisisd.netParis Junior High School View Website
Chasteen, Malissa
Inclusion Teacher
malissa.chasteen@parisisd.netParis High School View Website
Chaverria, Antonio
antonio.chaverria@parisisd.netParis ISD
Cheatwood, Kayla
kayla.cheatwood@parisisd.netLamar County Head Start
Chelius, Misty
misty.chelius@parisisd.netTravis High School of Choice
Cherry, WaDonna
Intervention Teacher
wadonna.cherry@parisisd.netAikin Elementary School View Website
Chesshire, Laura
1st Grade Teacher
laura.chesshire@parisisd.netJustiss Elementary School View Website
Clark, Angela
4th Grade Teacher
angela.clark@parisisd.netAikin Elementary School View Website
Clark, Susie
Content Mastery Teacher
susie.clark@parisisd.netParis High School View Website
Clarkson, Lacretia
lacretia.clarkson@parisisd.netParis Junior High School View Website
Clifford, Melanie
ELA Teacher
melanie.clifford@parisisd.netTravis High School of Choice View Website
Cobb, Clint
High School Social Studies
clint.cobb@parisisd.netTravis High School of Choice View Website
Coker, Steve
Financial Math teacher
steve.coker@parisisd.netParis High School View Website
Collard, Shannon
4th Grade Teacher
shannon.collard@parisisd.netAikin Elementary School View Website
Cone, Jennifer
6th Grade English Language Arts Teacher
jennifer.cone@parisisd.netCrockett Intermediate School View Website
Connot, Stephanie
Math Intervention Teacher
stephanie.connot@parisisd.netJustiss Elementary School View Website
Conrad, Pat
Secretary to Principal
pat.conrad@parisisd.netParis High School
Cooper, Courtney
6th Grade Math Inclusion
courtney.cooper@parisisd.netCrockett Intermediate School View Website
Cooper, Sandra
sandra.cooper@parisisd.netCrockett Intermediate School
Cooper, Tabatha
Teacher Assistant
tabatha.cooper@parisisd.netGivens Early Childhood Center
Corriston, Beckie
Human Resource Specialist
beckie.corriston@parisisd.netParis ISD
Cox, Lauri
ELAR Teacher
lauri.cox@parisisd.netParis Junior High School View Website
Crawford, Cindy
Kindergarten Aide
cindy.crawford@parisisd.netAikin Elementary School
Crawford, Kara
PE Teacher/Coach
kara.crawford@parisisd.netCrockett Intermediate School View Website
Crawford, Nathan
4th Grade Teacher
nathan.crawford@parisisd.netAikin Elementary School View Website
Cronk, Jared
Assistant Band Director/Color Guard Director
jared.cronk@parisisd.netParis High School View Website
Cronk, Jared
jared.cronk@parisisd.netParis Junior High School
Crouch, Christopher
Art Teacher
chris.crouch@parisisd.netParis Junior High School View Website
Crowell, Ray
Science Teacher
ray.crowell@parisisd.netParis High School View Website
Cunningham, Brent
4th Grade Teacher
brent.cunningham@parisisd.netAikin Elementary School View Website
Dake, Anita
6th Grade Science and Social Studies Teacher
anita.dake@PARISISD.netCrockett Intermediate School View Website
Dangerfield, Lashunda
PE Aide
lashunda.dangerfield@parisisd.netAikin Elementary School
Dangerfield, Yumeka
Secretary to Principal
yumeka.dangerfield@parisisd.netParis Junior High School
Daus, Debra
Instructional Aide
debra.daus@parisisd.netJustiss Elementary School
Davis, Jim
jim.davis@parisisd.netParis High School
Davis, Ricky
PE Teacher
ricky.davis@parisisd.netTravis High School of Choice View Website
Day, Sabrina
Assistant Principal (L-Z)
sabrina.day@parisisd.netParis High School
Dear, Sommer
sommer.dear@parisisd.netParis Junior High School
Dear, Sommer
sommer.dear@parisisd.netCrockett Intermediate School
Dear, Sommer
sommer.dear@parisisd.netCrockett Intermediate School
Dial, Deanne
Physics Teacher / Coach
deanne.dial@parisisd.netParis High School View Website
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