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Student Transfer Information (2024-2025)

This is NOT the student enrollment site.
Use the links below to submit out of district transfer forms for students that live outside Paris ISD boundaries.


Student transfer information
for 2024-2025 school year is listed below


All completed transfers (electronic or paper) will be processed on a case-by-case basis.  

If you have any questions, please contact Tammy Harrel at  or 903-737-7473. 


Parent/Guardian may complete or request an Out-of-District Transfer Application in one of the following ways:

  • Fill out and submit completed application online (links below)
  • Call (903) 737-7473 or your child’s campus to request an application be mailed, faxed or e-mailed to you; or
  • Pick up an application at your child's campus or the Elaine Ballard Administration Building located at 1920 Clarksville Street, Paris, Texas



  • The district shall limit the acceptance of transfer students. Factors taken into consideration include attendance patterns, discipline records, parent compliance with District and campus procedures or District policy, availability of space, and employment of additional personnel.
  • In accordance with the District’s innovation plan, the District is exempt from state law requiring transfers to be for a one-year period. Therefore, violation of the terms of the agreement may result in revocation of the agreement during the school year or may result in a transfer request not being approved the following year.
  • This transfer is effective for the current school year only. District approval of this transfer creates no right or expectation that the student will be admitted as a transfer for any subsequent school year.
  • This transfer is for the named student only. District approval of this transfer creates no right or expectation that another student from the same family will be admitted as a transfer.
  • The student must maintain acceptable levels of attendance and compliance with District rules and regulations, including Student Code of Conduct, throughout the entire school year.
  • A resident student who becomes a nonresident during the course of a semester and who wishes to remain enrolled in the district must apply for transfer status and shall be subject to all transfer policies and procedures.
  • The parent of the student will be responsible for transportation to and from the District campus to which the student is assigned.
  • The student and parent acknowledge that eligibility of transfer students for participation in any UIL activity or other activities governed by UIL rules and regulations will be determined in accordance with UIL rules and regulations.
  • The student will be subject to all policies, rules, regulation, rights, privileges, and responsibilities of enrollment in the District as if he or she resided in the District.

***Parents of new transfer students must provide attendance, discipline records, grades, and state-mandated assessment results to the district prior to transfer approval. Failure to meet the standards may result in transfer denial.


Paris ISD 2024-2025 Student Transfer Form (Returning Students or New Pre-K & Kindergarten Students)

This link is for out-of-district students that attended Paris ISD the prior year or NEW Pre-K or Kindergarten students.

Paris ISD 2024-2025 Student Transfer Form (New Students)

This link is for out-of-district students that are new to Paris ISD.