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Special Services At-Home Learning Resources

Special Services At-Home Learning Resources and Support

The resources listed below are intended to provide our students with meaningful activities related to their special needs and to help the adults in their homes during this time of At-Home learning.  We encourage and recommend that our students and their families explore these additional resources and use those they find helpful for addressing their individual needs.  

At-Home Learning is a new experience for everyone and may bring up needs that we did not expect for our students who have disabilities.   Please contact your student’s special education teacher or their campus if you have questions. When you need our support, we are here to help.paw print

Check back often for updates to this list.
Please click on the following links to access activities and information selected by our Special Education Department.

 Social - Emotional - Behavioral (SEB) 

SEB Newsletter
by Angela Reid

Newsletter preview
Activities and information to help our students (and their grown-ups) understand and cope with at-home learning and social distancing.

Action for Happiness
© Action for Happiness 2011

AFH logo

Their monthly calendars are packed with actions you can take to help create a happier and kinder world.

Meaningful May 2020:
Daily actions to respond to this crisis with a sense of purpose and meaning.


Download as an image for sharing or a PDF for printing.
Download the actions to your calendar using this Google Calendar or iCalendar file.
There is also a B&W PDF version for those who want to print out in black & white and a
text-only version for use with screen readers.

* Click here and scroll to the bottom to sign up to receive future calendars *

And don’t forget their app

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app screens

Positively Present
© 2009-2020 DANI DIPIRRO



Everything at Positively Present is intended to support the idea that life is best lived if it's lived right now with a positive attitude© 2009-2020 DANI DIPIRRO


Be positive. Be present. This is your life.


The ABCs of Self-Care

28 full-size pages or 1 page of pocket-size prints

resource previewresource preview
© 2009-2020 DANI DIPIRRO

Coloring Pages

resource previewresource preview
© 2009-2020 DANI DIPIRRO

Everyday Optimism© Worksheets 

resource previewresource preview

© 2009-2020 DANI DIPIRRO

SHARPEN: Free Mental Health Resources for College Students 
from Sharpen Colleges App

In response to university and student feedback around the COVID-19 pandemic, Sharpen Health is offering its Sharpen Colleges app for free until the 2020 fall semester to students directly and through universities.
website preview

Sharpen Health collaborates with licensed mental health providers to provide students self-help information, techniques, and guidance in a safe environment. Sharpen Colleges content is offered in the voices and perspectives of students themselves.

Sharpen provides tools for self-help and psychoeducation. It does not replace the importance of a counselor. The app connects students to a library of evidence-based psycho educational content, national sites, and links for crisis support, and vetted COVID resources.

Teen Central

website preview

website preview

TeenCentral is a website powered by KidsPeace as a free and safe prevention and intervention resource specifically for youth. On TeenCentral, you can find information on a variety of topics. You can also submit a story or post about any crisis, problem or situation you’re struggling with and receive a therapeutic support response within 24 hours, safely, anonymously, and free of charge.

Tips for Managing Behaviors
for at Home Learning

from the Texas Education Agency

resource preview
This is a stressful time and behaviors may become overwhelming.  If you need some quick advice on managing behavior at home, download this document.  It includes 6 tips with a link to resources for each.









Thrive Inside with Smiling Mindapp logo

A free app to support your mental health while social distancing. 

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The nation’s leading source of important news, expert advice, and judgment-free understanding for families and adults living with attention deficit disorder.


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resource preview

resource preview


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Remind Alerts from Ms. Field
Licensed Specialist in School Psychology

Get the Remind app

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Information that may be helpful for everyone – parents, students, and staff.  Feel free to share this group with others.
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Remind codes


Information that is important for students who already receive some type of service from Ms. Field. 

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9 Ways to Make Speech Therapy Homework Work for You 

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clock  6 min read

Access this one page PDF document at the end of the article.

How to Use One Activity to Work
on Multiple Goals in Speech Therapy

by Carrie Clark, CCC-SLP from Speech and Language Kids

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How to say the L Sound
by Peachie Speechie

Video Title

How to say the S Sound
by Peachie Speechie

Video Title

How to say the R Sound
by Peachie Speechie

Video Title

More Peachie Speechie Videos

Peachie Speechie Logo


      Videos that demonstrate
      how to form individual
      speech sounds

Mommy Speech Therapy

Mommy Speech Therapy logo

Activities to help parents improve their child’s communication skills in a variety of areas

The Speech Express

Home Practice

Videos to help children understand and form speech sounds

Websites for Articulation Activities
from Pottstown School District

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School Closure Kit
from Easter Seals

document preview

My Conronvirus Story 
from Easter Seals

document preview
An interactive social story.  No printing necessary!

Hatch: Focus for Students 
from Time Focus, LLC app icon

website preview

Hatch is a powerful tool to help you check your phone less while you study, work, or just take a break from all the noise. Get ready to become a focus black belt while hatching fun digital creatures. Use your focus energy to unlock legendary and ultra rare exotic species.

Kids Activities Blog

Kids activities logo

Provides a list of education companies offering free subscriptions due to school closings

We understand that At-Home Learning is a new experience for everyone, but we’re here to help.  Please contact your child’s special education teacher or campus if you have questions.

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