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Project Requirements

STEAM EXPO Minimum Project Requirements by Topic

Science Fiction Writing

Story is 5 to 8 pages   typed with 12 font, 1.5 space

 Illustrations (not required but are encouraged)

Story deals with imaginary but plausible content such as futuristic STEM

Thinking includes creative use of ideas

Writing Process is followed (spelling, sentence structure,)

Original Idea/Work

Story is entertaining

Submitted  1 Week Prior to Expo

Scientific Inquiry




Written Portion Includes:



Ask a Testable Question

Scientific Method Utilized

Tri-Fold Display (not required for grade)

Written one page typed abstract

Written research plan

Bibliography included

Data, Charts, Graphs

Good Speaking /Presentation Skills?

Rube Goldberg Overview




Written Portion Includes:



A minimum of 10 'cause and effect’ steps

Steps clearly labeled in alphabetic sequence

 Includes at least 3 simple machines

Written sequential procession from beginning to final step

Safety concerns addressed with constructions and use

Machine size dimensions and specifications included

Includes an illustration, collage or construction; or a combination

Original Work

Invention Overview




Written Portion Includes:



Provides an innovative solution to a problem, or a new single item invention

Labeled illustration showing two viewpoints of proposed invention

 A ‘mock-up’ or prototype construction of all or part of the invention (prototype may been drawing)

What materials and supplies will be used

How invention would be used and how it would be beneficial;

A description of intended audience / user of the invention

 Design process identified, including any problems encountered, and their solutions

Original Idea/Work

Environmental Innovation




Written Portion Includes:



Write, design or create a proposal /project to addresses an environmental issue

Problem is clearly defined and benefits to the environment are well discussed

The solution accurately identifies a way or ways to minimize/ reduce the threat or problem

 Write a plan for implementation, to include a time line, budget and partnerships

Proposal steps clearly written, organized and easy to read.  Tradeoffs between are considered

Research notes and sources are provided and comprehensive

Visual aids used for better understanding of proposal including timeline and budget

 Topic is an original ideas for new products, procedures, inventions, promotional projects, etc.

Art and Digital Media




Written Portion Includes:



Artwork is science, technology, engineering, or math related topic

Overall Appearance (must be Non-Offensive and family-appropriate)

 Artwork is no larger than 18 inches x 12 inches

Explanations of how artwork relates to the STEM topic

Description of medium used  (pencil, charcoal, pastels, colored pencils, oil paints, acrylics, water colors, computer generated)

Writing Process is followed (spelling, sentence structure,)

Thinking includes creative use of ideas and imagination

Original Artwork

Submitted 1 Week Prior to Expo

Reverse Engineering Overview




Written Portion Includes:



Locate and acquire two similar mechanical products (like a toaster)

Disassemble one product, then mount and label all components

Product is mechanical or electrical in nature, contains several major components

Include illustrations and/or images

Description paper explaining operation and functionality of all components

Shows that the student grasps the purpose of the components and sub-assemblies, and how they work together

Layout of parts vs. assembled unit is clear and promotes understanding of location and purpose

Overall Appearance -project is defined and organized





Written Portion Includes:



Design a robot or robotic device that accomplishes a specific purpose.

Project contains a mock-up of key components or fully functional robot

 Robot design demonstrates practical engineering, technology, and math concepts

Description paper explaining operation and functionality of components

Can include- illustrations and/or images

Description paper organized and well written

The robot and/or it’s purpose is original or innovative

The robot relates to real world applications